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Specifications & Features

Taken from HIS Website






 Model  H775FN1G
 Interface  PCI Express 3.0 x16
 Chipset Manufacturer  AMD
 GPU  Radeon 7750
 Core clock  800 MHz
 Stream Processors  480
 Memory Clock  4500 MHz
 Memory Size  1 GB
 Memory Interface  128-bit
 Memory Type  GDDR5
 DirectX  DirectX 11
 OpenGL  OpenGL 4.1
 DVI  1
 HDMI  1
 DisplayPort  0
 VGA  1
 Tuner  None
 RAMDAC  400 MHz
 Max Resolution  2560 x 1600
 HDMI 1.4a Max Resolution  4096 x 3112
 Crossfire Supported  Yes
 Cooler  With fan (dual-slot)
 Dual-Link DVI Supported  Yes
 GCN Architecture Support  Yes
 Package Contents

  HIS Graphics Card
  Driver Disk
  User Manual
  HIS power up label


 Game Bundle
 Type  None




AMD Eyefinity

AMD Eyefinity is here to deliver the unfair advantage you deserve. With new modes and features, like 5x1 landscape, stereo 3D and universal bezel compensation, the world's best multi-display gaming technology just got better.

GCN Architecture

Built to perform as the world's most advanced graphics, the GCN Architecture is the industry's first 28nm GPU design. Packed with unprecedented technologies such as PCI Express 3.0 and the ultra-efficient AMD ZeroCore Power technology, this is the hardware that gamers deserve.

AMD App Acceleration

With advanced video features like color correction, image sharpening and noise removal, AMD App Acceleration sets the bar for beautiful movies. And when it's time to multi-task,the optimized GCN Architecture is more than ready to make quick work of everyday applications.



AMD Radeon™ HD 7750 GPU Key Features

  • PCI Express 3.0 x16 bus interface
  • DirectX 11-Capable graphics
  • OpenGL 4.2 Support
  • Image Quality enhancement technology
  • AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology
  • AMD App Acceleration
  • AMD HD3D technology
  • AMD Crossfire multi-GPU technology
  • DisplayPort 1.2
    • Max Resolution: 4096x2160 per display
    • Multi-Stream Transport
    • 21.6 Gbps bandwidth
    • Quad HD/4k video support
  • 3GHz HDMI 1.4a with Stereoscopic 3D Fram Packaging Format, Deep Color, xvYCC wide gamut support, and high bit-rate audio
  • Dual-link DVI with HDCP- Max resolution: 2560x1600
  • Integrated HD audio controller
  • AMD Powerplay power management technology
  • AMD PowerTune technology
  • AMD Catalyst graphics and HD video configuration software
iCooler is Quiet

The card is equipped with iCooler, making it extremely quiet and noise level is less than 28dB. You feel the quietness when viewing photos, browsing webs, checking your email and playing movies in UVD mode. 

Low Profile Ready for Slim Case

The card comes with 2x Low Profile brackets to fit both full-height and half-height cases, ideal for Media Centers & Home Theater PCs. You could conveninetly turn the card into a low profile card, plug it in your slim case without worrying if the card size exceeds the case’s.


It is not good for the graphics card to be alone. Hardwares and softwares are made for each other. iTurbo is your software assistant to control your graphics card to be quiet, cool and experience overclocking by simply pressing the iTurbo Button!

User Friendly Overclocking Software: Cooler, Quieter, OC!
iTurbo's Fan Control and Fan Monitoring allow easy adjustment of your card to its maximum cooling performance or to run your card quietly! 

Press iTurbo: OC Right Away!
With the smart auto overclocking function, users can experience a slight performance boost for selected HIS graphic cards with just one click!

Powerful Overclocking Software
Either you wish to unleash its full potential or to make it more environmental friendly, iTurbo is ready for you!

iTurbo is compatible with all cards! Enjoy OC no matter what card you have!

High Quality Components

HIS uses only the finest materials and the most advanced techniques to build our cards, making them one of the most stable and durable product in the industry. The card is engineered with the highest standard of safety, preventing them any potential damages. The extra PWM phase and Solid State Choke gives extra stability to the card!

New Technology, New Experiences


With AMD GCN technology, the card optimizes DirectX® 11.1 gaming performance automatically up to 2.5 times faster! It also offers up to 4.5x compute performance and up to 95% lower GPU Idle Power Consumption!


Apps Faster & Smoother!

The card enables a “quality graphics” experience on everyday applications, giving huge performance boosts on image processing, file compression, media converter apps, and a lot more! 

• Adobe photoshop CS6
• Corel Winzip 16.5
• Musemage
• Handbrake
• MotionDSP Vreveal
• Cyberlink Power Director
• ArcSoft Media Converter


PCI-e 3.0 Support

Armed with the latest PCI-e 3.0 bus design maximizes performance by delivering double bandwidth per lane of PCI-e 2.x. Paired the card with the latest platforms and get the ultimate performance!