How Mobile Gaming Industry has Changed in the Last 10 years

Mobile phones have come a long way in 10 years and the mobile gaming industry has grown with it. Gone are the days when all you could play on your phone was snake and solitaire. Now you can enjoy multiplayer games with people the world over, delve into dungeons, find Pokemon on your doorstep and goodness knows what else.


The mobile phone industry has helped video games to become mainstream. As the price of smartphones has dropped more and more people have gotten them and as a result lots people have been playing games, too. Games like Candy Crush, Pokemon Go and Clash of Clans have helped the mobile gaming industry to explode and overtake the PC and console market in terms of revenue.

This is no small feat for a market that 10 years ago basically didn’t exist. Very few people saw mobile phones as a device to play games on. Sure they would enjoy a quick game of thing simple while they waited for the bus, but the handheld gaming market was dominated by Nintendo. The Nintendo DS sold staggeringly well and was the go to device to play games on the go. However, while the Nintendo 3DS has done well it hasn’t outshone the mobile gaming market like it’s predecessor.

In July, Pokemon Go was released and instantly became a worldwide sensation because of the sheer number of smartphones owned globally. Obviously nostalgia the the strength of the Pokemon brand had a huge impact, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as successful if mobile phones weren’t in the hands of millions. Pokemon Go has died down a bit now, but it still has a strong player base and with the promise of future updates adding more beloved Pokemon it has the potential the shake the mobile gaming industry yet again. Lucky Nugget Casino wrote an article about how Pokemon Go is the new world of gaming and while you are there you could have a web-gamble.

Mobile games are continuing the grow with near releases every week. Thanks to the fact that so many people own a smartphone games have be enjoyed on a wider scale than ever before. The mobile gaming industry has come a long way in 10 years, just try and imagine what it could accomplish in another 10.




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