And this is pretty cool ! ... especially when you have limited space at home.

"Odds are that you're used to ironing some of your clothes to keep them wrinkle-free, or taking them to the dry cleaners when you can't (or just won't) put them through a washing machine. No great shakes, right? Well, Procter & Gamble and Whirlpool apparently believe that these are terrible burdens -- the two have unveiled Swash, an appliance that freshens your clothing one piece at a time. The device uses the combination of heat and a special solution (held in "Swash pods") to eliminate wrinkles and smells in your apparel without either damaging it or requiring time-consuming care; your duds should be (almost) as good as new in roughly 10 minutes. It doesn't require water, and it can handle delicate materials like cashmere and lace. At first blush, it looks like a good way to save a favorite coat or sweater from the ravages of time."

Source: Engadget

Re: Whirlpool's new machine freshens your clothes in 10 minu -- linkin
2014 Jul 21 01:42:48 PM
While this is nice...I still look forward to the day that our laundry includes nano machines that are programmed to fold themselves. icon_razz.gif
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Re: Whirlpool's new machine freshens your clothes in 10 minutes flat -- nucleus
2014 Jul 21 08:46:47 AM
This is so cool !!
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