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Cooler Master Masterfan Pro 120 Review Round Up

August 25, 2016 0

Today we will be introducing the newest fans from CoolerMaster. The Masterfan Pro 120 series. The fans on hand are the 120mm. Which have 3 variations to choose from. CoolerMaster does offer the Air Pressure

XSPC RayStorm Pro (Intel) CPU Waterblock

August 13, 2016 0

Preview: XSPC RayStorm Pro (Intel) CPU Waterblock As part of our 2016 modding project, we decided to use the XSPC RayStorm Pro (Intel) White CPU waterblock. Not only does it look great, you can also

Noctua NH-L9i Compact CPU Cooler Review

August 10, 2016 0

We already had a chance to review couple of compact CPU coolers for new platforms like Intel Skylake but it’s still hard to find many products like that on the market. Most manufacturers focus on

CRYORIG R1 Universal Cooler Review

June 20, 2016 0

In today’s review we will present CRYORIG R1 Universal cooler which is on the market for some time but we had no chance to show it on the FunkyKit yet. I think it’s one of

Scythe Kabuto 3 CPU Cooler Review

June 8, 2016 0

In today’s review we will present high performance processor cooler from Scythe which will have its premiere in couple of days. Scythe Kabuto 3 is a refreshed version of popular top-flow cooler which is perfect

Noctua industrialPPC 24V Fan Review Round Up

February 12, 2016 0

Today I will be reviewing Noctua’s “industrialPPC 24V” line of fans. To some enthusiasts, color is a deciding factor when choosing a fan because many cases have a side window to show-off the beautiful hardware. Noctua fans

CRYORIG A80 AIO Water Cooling Kit Review

February 11, 2016 2

For the first time we have a chance to test CRYORIG all-in-one water cooling kit and I won’t hide that our expectations are high. That’s mainly because we could already see high quality products of

Scythe Ninja 4 Tower Cooler Review

December 2, 2015 0

Today we will present one of the best performing processor coolers on the market – Scythe Ninja 4. Fourth version of this really popular cooler brings additional improvements and any improvements are good reason for

CRYORIG C7 Compact Cooler Review

November 18, 2015 2

It’s my first review of CRYORIG product but looking at the photos I already have high expectations. Our redaction has received two CRYORIG coolers designed for smaller computers. The only which will be presented in

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