The box for the speakers was very solid and there was no sign of any wear or tear on it, and upon shaking it lightly, there was no sound that anything was loose or broken inside.  On the front of the box, there was a cool picture of the speakers and the title of rocket subwoofer!  The top of the box has a cool negative effect picture in red of a space shuttle launch and says “Bomb With Rocket”.  The back has a picture of the speakers, specifications and package contents.  One side has a picture that describes some of the features of the subwoofer, and the other has a short list with decals talking about some of the features.  When you first open up the top lid, there is the multi-language user guide printed on the top inside flaps of the box.



  • 2 speakers
  • subwoofer
  • AC power cables
  • 3.5 mm audio cable


Now let’s take a closer look at the speakers!




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