Genius SW-2.1 375 PC Speaker Review

A Closer Look

After taking the speakers out of the box, I noticed that they were very lightweight but felt very durable and solid in their design.  All of the cords were neatly twist tied together so as to avoid opening up a box with a crows nest in it!  The back of the subwoofer was clearly labeled as to what cords did what, and I have to say that it was nice that the only cord I had to plug into this was the two speakers once I got them into place.

Now let us take a look and see how the Genius SW-2.1 375 PC speakers perform!



Hooking up the speakers was a breeze, there is ample cord length between the subwoofer and the speakers that they can be placed at a decent distance from one another to help direct sound to you without them being directly in front of you.  Once plugged in and switched on, I was greeted by a very bright blue LED power light on the front.  

It was almost a bit too bright especially if the subwoofer is going to be somewhere in front of your direct line of sight.  The dials were very easy to grab a hold of and move to adjust both sound and bass levels.  The sound quality was decent, I wasn’t blown away but I wasn’t disappointed either.  These speakers can put out a good amount of volume and the subwoofer can definitely crank out some good bass, there just seemed to be that one thing missing to push it over from good to great sound quality.

There we have it! The SW-2.1 375 PC speakers brought to us by Genius! Let us cover a few final thoughts in the conclusion of our review.




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