Genius SW-2.1 375 PC Speaker Review

Conclusion and Verdict

These speakers are very solidly built and can put out a good amount of sound!  These would be great speakers if you are on a budget or looking to buy your first set of speakers for your gaming PC.

The Genius SW-2.1 375 PC speakers can be found at Amazon for $24.99 USD. Buy now at Amazon –


  • Solid Design
  • Easy to set up
  • Low Cost


  • Sound quality won’t blow you away (this is a very very slight con)
  • Power LED is Very bright


Final thoughts:

With it’s solid design, ease of set up, low cost and good sound quality, this speaker set is a great buy for a gamer with a budget or if you looking to get a first set of speakers for your kids gaming rig!  I would definitely recommend these speakers to anyone that’s looking for good sound on a budget.  Genius always delivers solid products that will always perform great but not break the bank while doing it.  I hope you found this all helpful and thanks for reading, and as always, have a Funky Day!




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