Funky Kit will be moving to a new dedicated server soon! Hosted by Amazon AWS

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It’s been a long road … with many ups and downs, as well as twists and turns. We have been through some really painful times, as well as some exciting periods. I guess this is all part of life! It’s been a tremendous journey, a journey that has made us who we are today. Let’s continue. Join us and become a part of this wonderful journey of friendship and discovery.

Our new server will be using SSD disks!! and it’s gonna be fast … powered by 2 vCPUs (dedicated not shared) with at least 3.7GB RAM. Remember, this is not a gaming rig πŸ˜› so the above specs are more than enough to host our website.

All of this costs money … all of which comes out of our own pocket. Currently, we do not have any sponsors, however if you would like to become a sponsor, please contact me at Any contribution or donation will be greatly appreciated, and we will use 100% of the funds on developing and improving the site. Please send your kind donations to PayPal email address:

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This huge undertaking is not an one day process, and requires some advanced network administration skills …

  1. First, we need to make a FULL backup of the current site
  2. Setup the new server
  3. Create a beta site and test to make sure it is fully functioning
  4. Finally, announce the site when it becomes LIVE!


We thank all our readers, visitors and contributors for your continued support. A huge thanks to my brother FunkFlex (aka Kwok Yao) for making this happen … You are a true genius. We all owe you one πŸ˜‰



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