About Jeremy Gulley
Tinkering with computers and other electronics since the days of the Apple IIe and the Intellivision as the Prodigal 80s child, Jeremy seeks to constantly expand his knowledge of the ever-changing and ever-enticing world of Consumer Electronics. He enjoys tinkering, overclocking, modding, and most of all gaming.

Gamer Wanted: GIGABYTE Gaming Wallpaper Contest

September 18, 2013 0

  If you enjoy playing first-person shooter games, creating custom wallpapers, and winning prizes, then today is your day. Gigabyte, a world-leader in all things PC related has announced a really great contest, with even greater prizes

AMD to Webcast GPU ’14 Product Showcase

September 18, 2013 0

  AMD, most notably know for their innovative processors and graphics solutions, announced today that it will have a special webcast at the AMD GPU ’14 Tech Day on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013 at 3 p.m.

ZOTAC Joins Mobile Gaming Revolution

September 18, 2013 0

With the increasing popularity of gaming on the go, ZOTAC aims to jump into the fray of the mobile gaming revolution with the new ZOTAC Tegra NOTE 7 tablet. Sporting some pretty impressive specs, this tablet is sure

FinalWire Rolls Out AIDA64 v3.20

September 17, 2013 0

FinalWire, a global leader in the development of diagnostic and network management software products for Windows based computers, has released an updated version of AIDA64 3.20, the successor to Everest. “Microsoft Windows 8.1 and 128 Processors

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