3 Mobile Apps That Are Hotter Than Summer

In case you haven’t noticed, summer is here. The hottest season brings, in a addition to sun tanning and daylight saving time, a few unique challenges. These include remembering to drink enough water throughout the day, fighting with colleagues over the AC temperature, and melting away when you step outside for more than 30 seconds. To ease the heat and help you enjoy the sunny season as much as possible, here are 3 great apps that are perfect for summer.


Drink up

If your day ends with a splitting headache, chances are you need an app to remind you to drink water. Don’t sweat (summer pun!), we’ve all been there. During busy days it’s easy to forget that one little thing that’s not on the to-do list: our health! There are plenty of different apps to send water reminders, but we loved Plant Nanny, because it gamefies the experience. Whenever you drink, your mobile plant drinks, too. If you forget to hydrate, your plant will pay the price! This is a fun way to encourage kids and adults to drink enough water and end the day with a smile.



No amount of time is longer than the time it takes the AC to cool your home after you step inside. To help you deal with this problems, your smartphone turns into a lifesaver that can control your air conditioning from afar. Isn’t that cool (more summer puns!)? Some apps will turn your mobile into a universal remote control, saving you the frustrating search after the lost remote (summer rule #1: never move the AC remote!), while others will offer total temperature control. We loved Airtouch, if only for the slogan “Turn on the AC before you leave the beach”. Yes.


Play it cool

When it’s hot outside, there’s really no reason to ever leave the apartment, even if you have remote AC control. But what happens if your hobbies include fun nights at the casino? Well, worry not, because we’ve got the hot game that’ll do the trick. 88 Fortunes by the gaming genius SciPlay takes all of your favorite, authentic slot machines and creates a beautifully designed mobile version that offers the same casino thrill, straight from your phone. Win live tournaments, get awesome prizes, and never break a sweat.

This season, a lot is new under the sun and in the app stores. Wherever you go, take your sunscreen, sunglasses, and smartphone with you. Have a good one!


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