How Technology Can Benefit Every Musician

Technology has completely changed the music industry. Advancements in production and distribution techniques have made it possible to reach audiences in a way like never before.

Big artists and production companies, however, aren’t the only ones benefiting. People who pursue music as a hobby can also take advantage of new technologies.

Now is a better time than ever to be a musician. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the technological resources that we might not appreciate as much as we should.


1) Online Instruction

In-person instructors are great. Whether you go to them or them to you, they help you learn the fundamentals. It’s nice having an expert show you what you’re doing right and what you need to work on.

While there’s nothing wrong with in-person instructors, they aren’t for everyone. They might be too expensive, or you might not have the time to attend lessons.

That’s where online instruction comes in.

Free Resources

From YouTube videos to blog posts, there are so many free resources available online. People make content to teach the basics, chords, songs, and more difficult techniques. The information might be a bit scattered, but with some research, you can find everything you need to teach yourself.

Paid Services

With so much free content available, it seems crazy that you would pay for learning materials. However, there are some benefits to paid services.

For one, you usually get better quality. Videos usually will be of higher production value. Lessons will be more thorough. Sheet music will be more accurate and complete.

You can also hire a virtual instructor. Through video calls, they’ll be able to offer you the same services as an in-person teacher from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you go the free or paid route, online learning resources make it possible to learn just about anything you want to.


2) Online Forums

If no one in your real life is interested in music, online forums are your new best friend. They are great in that they allow music lovers to talk about anything they wish.

You can discuss new releases, or share music notation. Forums can also provide tips and advice on what equipment to buy.


3) Equipment

Electronic instruments have changed the game. Of course, they allow you to record and amplify your songs. They also have other benefits that many overlook.

For instance, you can use them to help you learn. Many have software that teaches you techniques and allows you to play along.

You can also use them to expand your arsenal without buying multiple instruments. Because they are programmed with different sounds, you can play across different styles. For instance, according to a blog at, a snare drum’s metal dictates its sound. With an electronic snare drum, you have aluminum, brass, copper, and steel sounds ready at your disposal.


4) Making Your Own Music

These days, you don’t need a recording studio to make your own music. Recording equipment and software is more affordable than ever before. You can find inexpensive microphones, headphones, audio interfaces, and mixing programs that will help you create quality tracks.

You can also get away with not spending any money on recording equipment. Most smartphones have good sound recording capabilities. Apps such as GarageBand allow even novices to mix their tracks.

Also, gone are the days of needing to be signed to a record label to release songs. Distribution platforms make it easy to put your music on streaming platforms and online stores.

As an everyday musician in today’s times, the world is your oyster. By taking advantage of the technological resources available to you, you can easily learn, create, and share your art.


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