Latest ESports News: Summer Splits and CWL

Well, it’s officially summer. The League of Legends Summer Splits are going on full-throttle, and there is plenty of news to catch up on across the entire realm of eSports.

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Let’s kick it off with a Summer Split update.


LCS & LEC Update


At this point, FNATIC is firmly in command of the European division. They are cleaning the table with 6 wins and no losses to date. G2 eSports is continuing their winning ways as well, after getting Europe their first Mid-Season Invitational win, by beating the LSCs Team Liquid. G2 is 5-1 and looking to hit the summer playoffs with a top berth. In third place, we have Splyce at 4-2 and SK Gaming, Origen, and Schalke 04 all tied for fourth.


Team Liquid is again standing on top of North America, currently with 6 wins and 2 losses. And it’s still a tight race for second place with Cloud9, Optic, and TSM all tied at 5 wins and 3 losses. CLG pulls in with the fifth-place spot to round out the top five.

They get a few days off for the holiday, but the LCS is back on Saturday, July 6th with five matches:

  • FlyQuest vs. EchoFox
  • Team Liquid vs. Cloud9
  • TSM vs. 100 Thieves
  • Golden Guardians vs. Optic
  • Clutch vs. CLG

No matter what, we are going to see some shakeup in the standings. If Cloud9 wins, it will force a tie for first. If they lose and Optic and TSM win (which is likely given they are facing the divisions current bottom-halfers) then they would drop to fifth and CLG would move up to third, with Optic and TSM tied for second. 


Call of Duty League

There has been a lot of negative talk surrounding Activision Blizzard lately. Most of the concerns have come via the Overwatch league and how it is being run. However, there is good news in Blizzard land. Two new teams have been added to the CDL: Immortals Gaming Club out of Los Angeles and WISE Ventures, from Minnesota. 

The most recent addition, IGC (Immortals Gaming Club) will compete under OpTics Gaming’s brand. This is a result of OpTics getting ousted from the OWL and mergers happening with OpTics and Immortals. OpTics was given first right of refusal to purchase a CWL slot, so this must be what we are seeing here. 

WISE Ventures kicked off in 2018 is an investment fund out of Manhatten with well-known stake-holders such as marketing sensation, Gary V and Jonathan Wilf, part owner of the Minnesota Vikings. 

Wilf came out and acknowledged that eSports and competitive gaming are emerging as a “major force in the sport and entertainment industry.” He went on to say that they have explored various eSports options over the last few years and believe that the Call of Duty League is positioned for long-term success.

So, we should expect big things to come from CWL/CDL, and hopefully, Activision Blizzard’s upper management’s recent chain of questionable decisions doesn’t hinder it’s potential.


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