Making Athletes Faster, Stronger and Safer

Though many of its traditional parts never change, sports remains to be a pastime that will never be touched. Technology has impacted the sports industry in numerous ways, leaving indelible marks in different games and transforming player both on and off the field. This tech has not only inspired online poker sites to start supporting local sports teams, but it’s also making athletes stronger, faster, and safer.

Strengthening, fastening, and making athletes safe come along with how athletes study as well as how they train. Tech has not only influenced study methods but has also affected the training methods. That comes with the introduction of new apps such as Ubersense, a Boston based app that offers real time video analysis in athletics. The app helps the trainer gain new approaches to coaching.

It’s through these data-driven analytic methods that professional teams such as Oakland athletic and golden state worriers have earned a new lease of life. “Their football IQ is just so much further advanced than it was ten years ago,” commented David O’Connor – a football coach.

Stamina and health also greatly influence the strength, speed, and safety of the athlete. However, this has been well kept on check. Through the use of countless programs utilizing the wearable global positioning system (GPS) tracking devices, health and stamina issues remain in check. 

On the field, decisions made by officiators can at times, delay and waste time. To some point the single wrong decision changes the whole path of the game, even slowing down the match. In spite of that, athletes are inspired to remain fast on the pitch thanks to technological advancements in sports officiating.  Referees have enough tools, mechanism, and processes to confirm their “on-field” decision to clear every reasonable doubt.

There has also been a great improvement in playing surfaces today. That has touched both the surfaces as well as standard grass pitches all over. Take an example of standard grass pitches; they are said to have many variables among them; mud, grass length, grass type, size, and slope. That has been replaced with Astroturf fields which are right size and level with good water drainage and more so providing some cushioning.

Availability of upgraded equipment’s like smart helmets has also made athletes safer. The helmets come with a sensor that tracks the number of times a player is hit and where exactly. That’s due to the many inevitable risks an athlete is exposed to during the game. The information is then relayed to the coaches and trainers, allowing them to keep an eye on the players. These helmets have been made special to mitigate these risks.

As said by football coach Robert Washington, making athletes faster stronger and safer entails making sure our kids are safe as well as putting them in the best situation. To every athlete, there is no price tag even though we are not big on it. We should appreciate and uphold to innovations in sports as they are even creating new ways to compete.


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