NHL Team Identifies Video Games as a Problem

The NHL’s Vancouver Canucks recorded 73 points in the 2017-18 season. Their tally was the second lowest in the entire Western Conference. This season hasn’t started much better with just two points taken from their first two games. In the wake of losing over the last 12-plus months, the Canucks’ players have figured out the issue with their play. It isn’t on the ice, however. NHL fans can follow the Canucks and other ice hockey teams while playing free slots casino all season long.


What’s the problem with the Vancouver Canucks?

Players have dug deep inside themselves to realise the problem in their play and it is video games. Canucks players have spent more time playing simulated games rather than training and researching the teams they are about to play.

Games during road trips have been especially affected by video game playing. Teammates have secluded themselves in hotel rooms playing games in their spare moments. Vancouver won just 15 times in 41 road games last season. Canucks fans can play their favourite slots machine even if Canucks players have given up on video games this season.

Vancouver players will no longer have video games with them on the road. The ban on gadgets will force Canucks personnel to focus on their NHL games rather than Fortnite or Red Dead Redemption. Games will be left back in Vancouver and players will be forced to focus on training and play ice hockey on the road.


Fortnite costs Vancouver Canucks points

Fortnite has gained a legion of followers and the Vancouver Canucks are devotees. Vancouver aren’t the only professional sports team to get addicted to Fortnite. In May, Major League Baseball player David Price, one of the top pitchers in baseball and paid $30 million a year, had to miss a game due to mild carpal tunnel. The case developed due to playing too much Fortnite, according to baseball media. Price has disputed the claim.

Unlike the Canucks, the Red Sox finished the MLB regular season with the best record. They are now expected by many experts to win the World Series despite their late-night Fortnite games. Vancouver will close their laptops in hopes that players will spend more time together offline.


Does team bonding work?

Modern day athletes may not feel like team bonding works, but it has been proven to improve a team’s performances. Many NHL teams no longer spend time together outside of playing and practicing. Once they are off the clock, they go their separate ways. The individualism in video games can cause an even bigger rift between players.

The NHL has gone from players spending evenings out with friends after practice and games to being hustled to the next city. To pass the time, video games have replaced late night drinking sessions, partying, and other activities.

Fortnite may not be on the road with the Vancouver Canucks any longer, but earlier this year it was reported around 3.4 million people play Fortnite. The game continues to be a major hit and has successfully crossed over into the main stream.


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