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I have a definite liking to Phanteks, and that’s not because I use one of their cases, I just find their cases strike a great balance between aesthetics, design and innovation.

This is the Phanteks Evolv X and this might turn out to be one of the best PC chassis at this Computex 2018. You might be forgiven to think that this looks identical to the Enthoo  Evolv, but look closely and you’ll start to differentiate between the 2.

Firstly is the introduction of addressable RGB LEDs on the front panel, and instead of the previous completely removable tempered glass panels on either side of the Enthoo Evolv, the Evolv X has hinged tempered glass panels.



But these are still for looks, right? For practicality and performance, the Evolv X has larger cutouts in its panels to increase airflow by threefolds.

The right side of the Evolv X has new cable management covers to hide away cables and drives, and if anyone has looked through the right tempered glass panel of my Enthoo Evolv chassis will know how important that is…….!

The Evolv X’s internal compartment is highly customisable, giving you full control on your hardware layout such as mounting multiple graphics cards in different orientations, enough size for 9 SSDs or 10 HDDs, and plenty of water cooling radiator support for you to build a custom loop.

In one of their dimply units, if you peaked up above the motherboard, you will see a mini-ITX motherboard mounted on the underside of the roof of the Evolv X, allowing you to run a dual system setup! The Evolv X is expected to cost US$199.00. 

Revolt X

Now, having 2 motherboards in one chassis would mean 2 PSUs, right? We certainly didn’t spot a second PSU in the Evolv X display unit. Well, Phanteks then showed us their latest PSU, the Revolt X which has 2 ATX connects for dual system build.

The socket layout of the Revolt X has a clean well-labelled layout for 2 systems, and is 80 Plus Platinum certified. On release, the Revolt X will come in 2 flavours; a 1000W version, and beefier 1200W version and should be available as soon as August!


Eclipse P600S

The is the prototype model of the Phanteks Eclipse P600S. Based on their existing Eclipse series, the P600S aims to use completely new materials for its construction. The ‘S’ of the P600S stands for ‘silent’, so the P600S can be used as a high airflow system or completely silent. The aid the P600S to be as silent as possible, on the underside of each panel is a layer of dampening material to reduce any sound that may emit from the system. The vents of the chassis does away with a conventional metal grill but instead uses a mesh constructed out of fabric, which Phanteks reports that there is a 30% increase in airflow over a metal grill.



Again, this is a prototype so that is why you see so much bare metal in the panels above, and it is still in its design phase, but hopefully we will see the Eclipse P600S released soon!

The Phanteks Shift is also getting a revamp, but it is also in the design stage. Phanteks is looking to incorporate the fabric material as mentioned with the Eclipse P600S into the Shift for a more lightweight body and increase its airflow.

These are new case fans that Phanteks is fervently working on, aiming for elegance paired with extreme performance. Phanteks went going back to the drawing board at looked at a different 6 phase motor and incorporating fibre glass in the fans construction to make it more rigid. And with this added rigidity, these fans have a clearance of just 0.7mm!

Phanteks markets these fans not so much as their 120mm or 140mm fan size, but rather the 2 different fan thickness; 25mm and the premium 30mm, with the 30mm being able to produce much more airflow. Expect these to be released in August.

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