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Boy were we surprised when we turned up at Raijintek’s booth at Computex 2018, nearly everything they had on display was something new!

Let’s kick things off with these 2 water-cooling reservoirs from Raijintek. Both of these glass reservoirs have built-in RAI-D5 pumps, capable of flowing 1100L/h at 12V while consuming 18W of power. The pump is designed with a brushless motor, featuring a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 50,000 hours.

What about water-cooling your RAMs? Well, Raijintek has that covered with their AQUA memory waterblocks.

Raijintek have now covered all the CPU sockets with waterblocks now for the X299 and TR4 sockets


..and of course, a RGB CPU waterblock with a nice gentle glow.

The GPU waterblocks the company had on display featured a clear acrylic top attached to a nickel-plated copper base. 

Raijintek includes a thick aluminum alloy backplate which prevents the graphics card from bending or twisting under the weight of the GPU water block.

These 2 SFF chassis court out eye; the Ophion and the Ophion Evo. Featuring a compact footprint, these tiny chassis support mini-ITX motherboards, yet still provide plenty of space for a full-size GPU, good airflow, and side mounted GPUs. With tempered glass panels, and RGB of course, the designs for both these chassis are clean and elegant.


This huge beast of a chassis is the Raijintek Enyo. The Enyo is still in the prototype stages right now, but features a dual-chamber open chassis design which will support E-ATX motherboards, as well as two ATX PSU, 480mm radiators, and a truckload of storage.

Raijintek was very keen to show us the new AIO cooler, the Orcus. The Orcus is 240mm AIO water cooler which has a rotating blade is included in the design of the CPU waterblock, which rotates according to the waterflow of the system.

LED lighting of the fans illuminate the reservoir, which they call “the heart” of the system, and Raijintek is also calling to your attention the “extremely polish surface of water block”.




If you are into the big chunky air coolers for your CPU, Raijintek also had a selection on display.


The biggest of the air coolers was the Mya, a monster of a cooler able to mount 2x120mm fans, has addressable RGB and has 6 heat pipes.

How many fans on the cooler do you see? Nope not 2, the Delos has 3x92mm fans mounted on it, look closely and you’ll see one sandwiched smack bang in the middle. The Delos utilises a dual-tower system, with the more hidden fan in-between the 2 towers.

Again, the Delos has fully addressable RGB and uses 6 heat pipes.

The ‘baby’ of the 3 air coolers on display was the new PALLAS Micro 120, which measures just 55m tall, features 6 x 6mm heat pipes, and a slim PWM fan.


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