Project Core Arancio Build Log – Thermaltake Core P3 Chassis

This is our build log for our modding project and PC build – Project Core Arancio. It’s based on our website’s color scheme of orange and white. As for the word “Arancio” I taken it from Lamborghini’s famous orange color.


This video is dedicated to Shannon Robb

After the strenuous paint job … we’ve now fully built the Thermaltake Core P3 Chassis and it’s now ready for the PC components which will include the motherboard, the graphics card, SSD, DDR4 ram and of course Thermaltake’s watercooling parts.




Applying the primer

We had to apply 2 coats of primer. This will give us a good base for the color paint to bind. I couldn’t find any white primer … all the hardware/car stores in HK only sold brown anti-rust primer. So this is what we used.




Applying the colour

Once the primer has dried fully, we sprayed the color paint. White for the feet, PCIE brackets, reservoir holder and the PSU mounts. The orange color paint is applied to the main chassis casing. Again, 2 coats of orange paint was applied (more if you want).



Applying the gloss and lacquer

To give the whole chassis a nice look and finish, we applied 2 coats of high-gloss lacquer. This is a vital part of the paint job, as the lacquer helps protects the chassis and gives it a nice look.




The Finished Build – Thermaltake Core P3 Chassis

As you saw in the video above, we carefully built the Thermaltake Core P3 Chassis once the lacquer has dried. This was the most FUN part. I loved it!! The finished chassis build looks great 😀

In our next build log, we’ll be installing the rest of the PC components and of course Thermaltake’s watercooling parts.




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