Our Podcast Show Ep.12 – We talk to a British Cyber Security Expert

We’ve just posted our latest podcast … Episode 12 – We talk to a British Cyber Security Expert. Go check it out and remember to subscribe: https://bit.ly/3NFvWq8 👈

Does he work for the British Secret Service? Is he Mi6? Does he have a license for that Cyber Kill Chain? He’d have to kill us! Maybe? Winston’s blood-related brother Yao is a seasoned British IT professional with over 15 years of experience specializing in servers, cybersecurity and programming. He knows everything from Linux to databases and beyond. He’s the person that Winston goes to; if his website has crashed or hacked, he’ll fix it.

We want to take this opportunity to cover some fascinating topics with Yao, such as cloud, servers, programming, hacking, cybersecurity, bots and algorithms, and how to protect ourselves from future cyber attacks.’




  • 00:00 – Intro. Yes, it’s Winston’s REAL brother
  • 01:00 – Yao’s introduction. Systems Engineer and Cybersecurity expert.
  • 02:28 – Does Winston sound different? Let’s find out why?
  • 03:55 – What drove Yao to get into tech?
  • 08:03 – Who worked for an ISP as their first ever IT job?
  • 12:36 – Does anyone know what a 56K dial-up modem is?
  • 15:05 – Is Router or Router? How do you say it?
  • 17:10 – What recent projects has Yao been working on?
  • 18:52 – Why it’s fun to have a 3D printer? All you need to know.
  • 28:46 – How concerned should we be about hacking?
  • 34:51 – What is Ransomware?
  • 37:23 – What does Yao do in his job?
  • 38:33 – How many cases of IT fraud were reported in Canada during COVID?
  • 39:50 – What’s the impact of IT fraud in the UK, and how do we prevent it?
  • 42:22 – What are the types of cyber-attacks out there?
  • 49:18 – What is RCE (Remote Code Execution?
  • 51:48 – How do we better protect ourselves?
  • 53:30 – Why not let the Router do all the hard work?
  • 54:21– Cloud services and protection, what are they?
  • 59:39 – How to protect your WordPress blog?
  • 01:02:32 – How hard is programming?
  • 01:05:52 – What is a framework?
  • 01:08:08 – What are Algorithms, and how do they work?
  • 01:14:05 – What are BOTs?
  • 01:18:14 – It’s a wrap, but be sure be Update Update and Update
  • 01:20:11 – Here’s our socials


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