Geometry Dash Meltdown – It’s All Fun and Games Until You Die Twice

At first, this game seems to be an easy one. The concept, generally, is not a difficult one. You have a character which you need to defend from some 2D obstacles, which are (yep, you guessed right) in geometrical forms. The rule for this game is simple: you touch an obstacle, you lose. It sounds pretty awesome, right?

As gamers, we always loved a challenge. And we found it in Geometry Dash Meltdown. We don’t usually play this kind of games. We’d like to think of ourselves as the GTA kind of gamers.But we quickly found out that it’s almost impossible to finish it. So you can imagine our frustration at this point. We learned that it takes time and lots of patience to get through a level. At first we did not understand how it can be so difficult to roam around some geometrical shapes, because it’s easy, right? But we were so wrong.


It’s not the game itself, but how you see it

You see, it’s also about your attitude toward the game. The title might be “Meltdown”, but it’s not the game that’s keeping you away from winning. It’s actually you. You get angry at every mistake you make and you lose the focus. Thisactually shows how awesome the game is.

It gets funnier as you go through the levels

It’s always easy to go on YouTube to watch some walkthrough games, but how is that going to help you cheating body to have fun? Trust us, is much more enjoyable to see the percentage go up because of you and your own skills. You’ll see that you’ll get better with every level. At some point, you’ll start to like it, and you’ll become dependent. To write this article, we had to switch places. We decided that it will ruin our work if we’ll keep playing all day. That’s right; you’ll need that patience so bad. Patience and timing are what will lead you to success.

The music makes the experience unique

Another thing that we loved about the game was the fact that the audio and the video were like a perfect couple in harmony. The synchronizationdefinitely gives you a full experience. The music that makes its presence felt when it comes to the graphics and the monsters that you have to jump over will definitely make you want more. Especially if we’re talking about that part when you have to switch from platforming segments to the flying segments.The music runs smoothly.

You’ll not get bored with this game

On your way to the end of the game, you’ll encounter changing visuals, moving platforms, triangle spikes, dropping ceilings, even sharks? You’ll definitely not get bored once you get your hands on this game. We found funny the fact that the game tells you the number of attempts you had to finish the levels. This comes as a slap on your face.




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