No Man Sky VR – A Great Way to Explore the Unviverse

This year we’ll see many popular titles convert to VR … how well does these VR games play? We’ll have to find out, won’t we …

… All of these games, No Man’s Sky included, were not particularly well received at launch. However, each team kept the updates rolling in, and they eventually found themselves on awards lists the world over. Fortnite added battle royale and transformed into a multibillion-dollar franchise; Rainbow Six Siege embraced esports and DLC and garnered 40 million registered players; Warframe chased an aggressive content-release schedule and listened to its core audience, and it’s now one of Digital Extremes’ most successful games.



No Man’s Sky rolled out a steady stream of updates to deliver the features that fans really wanted (and expected from day one), and climbed its way up from “cautionary indie tale” to “Best Ongoing Game award nominee” in just two years. Today, it’s a universe-sized astronaut simulator packed with quintillions of planets, absurd creatures on land and sea, plus crafting, mining, building, flying and oodles of exploration. This summer, the gigantic No Man’s Sky Beyond update goes live, bringing three major features to the game, two of which are public knowledge: MMO-style mechanics and, announced just last week, VR support.

Hello Games is bringing No Man’s Sky to every headset on the market via Steam VR and PlayStation 4 for PSVR (with an exclusive physical edition as well as a digital offering). No Man’s Sky VR isn’t a separate mode; instead, it incorporates virtual-reality players into the existing game. VR players can join games with non-VR friends, and they’ll receive all future updates. Same game, new input method.

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