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Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer Released

April 12, 2016 0

A teaser trailer has been released for Titanfall 2.  Like all teasers, it isn’t very long but it reveals some bits about the game’s story.  A full reveal of the game will be on the

Official XCOM 2 Launch Trailer

April 3, 2016 0

Watch the official gameplay launch trailer for XCOM 2, now available worldwide. ADVENT is a lie, and their time is up. Build a resistance to save humanity. Join Us or Become Them. Learn more about

The Division New Cinematic Trailer 2016

April 3, 2016 0

If you still haven’t got your hands on a copy of The Division … Well, you can watch the new Cinematic Trailer 2016.     “Discover the Dark Zone. Deep in the heart of Manhattan

Forza 6: Apex Development Diary Released

March 31, 2016 0

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have released a dev diary explaining the development of Forza 6: Apex.  Forza 6: Apex is a free verson of the Xbox One exclusive Forza 6 for Windows 10 PC’s. 

Top 10 Game Trailers 2016

March 30, 2016 0

Here’s a quick look at the Top 10 Game Trailers 2016 by iNoreply. Enjoy.     “The Best New Video Game Trailers in 2016 ! Only Beautiful 1080p Trailers ! NEW GAMES 2016 ! NEW

Top 10 Android OPEN WORLD Games 2016

March 3, 2016 0

Here are the Top 10 Android OPEN WORLD Games for 2016. Will you download them on your Android smartphone?     “The top 10 android open world games until 2016, including new android game releases

Top 5 Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic Trailers

January 30, 2016 0

Here’s the top 5 Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic Trailers. Not bad … What do you think?     Playlist: 1. Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos ‘Betrayal’ trailer (0:01) 2. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Cinematic trailer

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