How to Clean Your Projector Screen Without Scratching It

Projector screens, no matter how well you take care of them, will require some cleaning from time to time. It’s important to make sure you keep up with the maintenance of your screens, not only to get the best picture but to give it a long life as well. To protect the surface of your screen, make sure you’re familiar with the two different types there are. Some screens are coated while others are not, and special care must be taken depending on which screen you have.


For Uncoated Screens

These are the easiest to clean, fortunately. You still have to be careful, but a damp cloth and some water should do the trick without any damage done to the equipment. Some mild soap can be used for the more difficult spots. Remember to use something very soft to prevent scratching the surface of the screen, and to rinse out the cloth frequently. Dirty water will only stick and cause more of a mess than was there originally.


For Coated Screens

Coated screens provide a better viewing experience, and offer protection to the screen itself. However, the coating is very susceptible to scratches and damages. Extreme care must be practiced when cleaning the coating on a screen.

You don’t want to use any sort of harsh cleaning liquid, or you’ll strip the coating right off and damage the reflective nature of the screen, hurting the viewing experience. Only water should be used on a coated projector screen to avoid scratching the surface. A soft, microfiber cloth is recommended to use. Do not use anything that is coarse or rough in any way.

If you attach your microfiber cloth to a telescopic pole, you can cover large surfaces easier and help prevent accidentally scratching the screen with your nails or rings. Using a pole or similar object is a great way to get the screen clean safely. Use up and down motions and don’t press too hard. Make sure your cloth stays clean, and shake it out between each motion. If it becomes too dirty or dusty, switch it out. Using a dirty cloth will only push the dirt around and won’t get the screen clean.


For a video detailing how to clean any screen check out Tech Quickie’s Video below.


For Outdoor Theaters

There are many different kinds of screens that are used for outside. From inflatable ones to huge ones like at Drive-In theater, the cleaning procedure is similar and equally important on each model. You’ll want to avoid touching the screen with your bare hands and use dusting gloves instead.

Your hands are oily and carry dirt, and if you touch the screen enough, it’ll create a residue that is hard to remove. Water, mild soap and a soft microfiber rag are the best ways to clean your outdoor screens. It’s important to do it more frequently than one that is kept indoors because it’s easier for these to get soiled faster.


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