How to Transfer Messages and Contacts from Android to PC


If you always feel that your mobile phone is hectic, you need to sit down and decide where you can cut back of your mobile function. It is less enough for all of you to make group chat by sharing mobile phone data when you work together or solve working problems corporately. As we know, mobiles carried by individuals may not be convenient for the group to share data on the way home, during business traveling or in different timing zones. PC is the one that plays important role in workplace rather than mobile phone. In most case, people need to backup phone data to computer, like contacts, messages, photos and other document, they may need to print hundreds of text messages onto paper, or need to make a copy of hundreds of contacts numbers, you have to try MobiKin Android Assistant to help you.



In practical, android users would like to share their mobile messages and contacts, same as your habit, as long as they have to do so. For piece by piece message and contact, it is easy for them to send messages to the one who need wherever he is.

But for large quantity Android mobile phone messages and contacts, even mass texting cannot help them to quickly take on the task. That is why you have to look for new method to transfer Android data and share with your relevant stakeholders. You may get answer from IT engineers about the third party software which can help you solve the problem with very simple approach as almost all original mobile manufacturers are unable to preset the transferring software by default.


It means that you have no chance to transfer Android messages and contacts with the help of the mobile functions. Dealing with various kinds of third party software, IT professionals will make sure that you can get good outcomes in transferring process. The top one that they may suggest you is MobiKin Assistant for Android that you may not familiar with but it has been used widely in the world so far as the program is specialized in transferring Android contacts to computer. With the good looking interface and powerful function, it can save your time and energy to help you handle the problem that you are facing.




– One-click to backup all memorable messages on your Windows or Mac computer for reviewing later.

– Works well as a mass texting software, you can use it to send same messages to your friends at one time.

– Save the exported Samsung text messages as .xlm or .txt file on the computer.

– Perfectly manage your phone calls on Windows and Mac computer.


You can Send Messages from PC to Phones

MObiKin Assistant for Android has found a way to make it possible when you feel like that you need an extra hand around the house. As its name indicated, as long as your mobile phone is based on Android operation system, no matter which types of mobile models, the program can take on transferring messages from Android phone to PC perfectly. After doing so, you can share any data and information on PC instead of Android mobiles. Moreover, you can edit whatever you want on your PC to compile further of the text messages and contacts before transfer them back to your Android phones. Now as you see, it is very easy to transfer contacts, messages from Android phone to computer.


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