Amazon Adds ‘AR View’ Shopping Tool Powered by Google’s ARCore

Shopping will be super fun from now on … 

Amazon is the go-to place for shopping for millions of people, but online shopping still has its caveats. Mainly, you don’t get to see what the item looks like in person, giving you a sense of where it could fit in your home. Thanks to augmented reality, however, Amazon is trying to solve that…

Today, Amazon has added a new tool called “AR View” to its Android app that lets you view select products in augmented reality right in your home. Tens of thousands of items are included, and they’re all viewable directly from the camera section of the app.

This gives users the ability to see what their potential purchases could look like in their own home. Everything from electronics like Amazon’s Echo products, as well as furniture, home decor, and even toys are supported. In some cases, a link on the product page that says “See how this product fits in your room” will be available.

AR view helps customers make better shopping decisions by allowing them to visualize the aesthetic and fit of products in their own living space. Customers simply open the Amazon App, tap on the camera icon and choose AR view. They can then select from tens of thousands of items – from living room, bedroom, kitchen and home office products to electronics, toys and games, home décor and more. Customers can overlay furniture, devices, lamps and more onto their existing living space and then move it and rotate it to get a full 360-degree peek in a live camera view to make sure it fits their style and aesthetic.

Amazon’s new tool has been live on iOS for a while, but thanks to ARCore 1.0 going live this past week, they can now bring it to Android. For now, that means it’s limited to devices that support the ARCore app, but eventually, it’ll work on most Android devices.


Source: Amazon, via 9to5Google

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