Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan – App Controlled Air Purifier

Don’t like WIND? Well neither do I … hahaha. The Dyson can purify air without blowing at you, so no more wind.

In addition to its Cyclone V10 cordless vacuum, today Dyson also unveiled its updated air-purifying fans. The new Pure Cool tower fan (TP04) and desktop fan (DP04) models may look familiar from afar, but in fact, they are slightly taller and wider than their predecessors — and for a good reason.

First off, that line right down the middle of the Air Multiplier loop is a slit for the new diffused airflow mode. This lets the machines continue to purify air effectively without having to blow air at people, thus solving the old dilemma of whether to turn on the machine on a cold, smelly day (though you can always wait for a potential heater variant from Dyson). There’s even a dedicated button for this mode on the infrared remote.

Another visible change is the new circular LCD just above the filter cover, which is a huge upgrade from the old basic LED screen on the base. With this, it’s much easier to tell what the fan is up to at a glance (and without opening up its app), plus it offers a real-time chart of the types plus amount of air pollutants detected.

Like the Cyclone V10, the new Pure Cool fans are also already available for ordering, with the tower model asking for $549.99, whereas the smaller desktop version is $100 cheaper.

Source: Dyson via Engadget


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