The Roborock S6 – The App Controlled Robot Vacuum

Who wants one? The robot vacuum can be controlled by your mobile app. But it’s not cheap … costing USD $1,300!

Roborock’s latest device, the Roborock S6, drops in US retailers on Wednesday, June 26th. The device contains 14 types of sensors, is equipped with laser navigation, can vacuum and mop at the same time…and has its own robot voice.

… While it’s charging, the instructions recommend downloading the Mi Home app (available for Android and iOS). The app unlocks several features like the remote control, scheduled cleaning, and most notably, floor plan zone editing and no-go zones. These will allow you to selectively clean your home. For instance, once set up, you could instruct your device to only clean the bedroom. Or if there’s a certain lamp with a complicated base not designed to be easily maneuvered around by a robot vacuum, you can create a “no-go” zone around the lamp so the S6 knows to stay away.

The Roborock S6 seems like a more than solid choice for someone looking for a smarter-than-most autonomous robot vacuum. Its many sensors allows for some unique features that I thought were very useful. The 14 different types of sensors still didn’t stop the device from getting stuck on my avant-garde lamp base. So, you may need to add “no go” areas before letting it loose when you’re not home (should it get caught in a jam). The ability to instruct it to only clean a specific room is amazingly useful. As someone who hasn’t mopped a floor since I moved out of my parents’ house before college, the mopping feature is a no-brainer. If these features sound like something your home could use, go ahead and take the jump!

Source: Engadget

The Roborock S6 is now available. Click here to learn more!


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