4 Tips For Mounting Your TV Over The Fireplace

Maybe I am the only one noticing this, but ever since flat screen televisions became light enough for mounting on a wall, it seems that everyone wants to put theirs over the fireplace mantle. It isn’t always the best idea in the world to mix fire and technology, however if you are considering this placement plan for your television, then consider the following tips from the pros who truly have seen it all before.

1. Focus on reducing your neck strain when mounting your TV

People often don’t realize how high their television screen is going to be. Even if your fireplace is on the short side, it might not be as a big of an issue, however your TV will probably still be much higher than what the recommended eye-level is for watching TV.

According to Wall Fireplace Pros it’s recommend that you get a TV mount that has tilt capabilities. It may not look as good when it tilts downward, however you can just push it back whenever you aren’t watching it. Or if you would like to get really fancy, get an automated mount that will tilt whenever the television is turned on and then retract when it is off. There is one offered by Chief for $350.

2. Make sure your television blends in with the room.

Many people don’t realize that putting a giant TV up on the wall makes the space look less like a cozy living room and more like a sports bar. Add a few bookshelves, some knick-knacks and paint so that all of the focus of the wall isn’t only on the TV. You will be amazed at what a difference a couple of aesthetic changes can make.
3. Don’t force this placement when you have better options available to you.

Some people want to put their TV over the fireplace, even when it doesn’t make any sense. Unless you have lots of wall space, or an indentation which makes it easy to install, at times you won’t be able to just force it. Quite often there are plenty of other areas nearby that can be a great area for a wall-mounted television. Here are some good tips.

4. Draw it out.

It’s a good idea to come up with a quick checklist that includes all of the things you are going to need to mount your TV on the wall. Here is a categorized hit list for everything you will need: the TV, sound equipment (if you are installing speakers into your walls, which can get quite complicated), proper power, wire management and mounting equipment. Just like most things in life, it’s usually better having a plan ahead of time and checking your list twice before taking the plunge.



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