Meet the Team


So who’s behind Funky Kit? Well, each dedicated member of our team are experts in their field. Whether they are reviewers, editors, php/mysql programmers, graphic/art designers or marketing experts. With a team that offer such a wide range of skills and knowledge base, Funky Kit can deliver the content that matters most to our readers.


The HK Team
no_imageWinston Chim – UK/HK (Founder and Managing Editor) | Follow: @WinstonChim

Winston has over 20 years of experience in the I.T. Industry. In 1999, Winston started both AMD3D and CPU3D, which were very successful websites. Following this success, he later help launch Funky Kit with the aim to capture a wider audience worldwide. His knowledge in PC hardware is very distinguished, not only publishing enjoyable reviews but also writing great articles. He continues to find new ways to increase the awareness of Funky Kit and help manufacturers market their products to new and potential customers …

no_imageKwok Yao Chim – UK (Co-founder and Systems Architect)


Kwok Yao is the co-founder and systems architect of Funky Kit, and has over 15 years experience in systems administration, PHP, Apache, MySQL, AWS and more. He’s the reason why this website is running smoothly at 110%.

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no_imageWing Lui – HK/UK (Senior Editor, Reviewer and Blogger)


aka Proplus. Constantly looking for innovative ideas. Prefers tech that doesn’t waste time. Gone are the days of overclocking, cascade cooling and watercooling. Gadgets, give me more gadgets!!


no_imageGeorge Lam – US/HK (Senior Technical Consultant)

George has over 25 years of technical and programming experience. He is an expert in Linux systems, database management, PHP and MySQL progamming … his expertise is invalueable to our team. George joins Funky Kit as our Senior Technical Consultant. His previous work includes spear-heading VOIP technologies and managing large datacenters.


The US Team


Jeremy Gulley – US (Chief Editor and Hardware Reviewer)

Follow: @JeremyGulley8

Tinkering with computers and other electronics since the days of the Apple IIe and the Intellivision as the Prodigal 80s child, Jeremy seeks to constantly expand his knowledge of the ever-changing and ever-enticing world of Consumer Electronics. He enjoys tinkering, overclocking, modding, and most of all gaming.


Chris McCart – US (News Editor and Hardware Reviewer)

Follow: @C_MOP

Chris has been a long time enthusiasts of anything computer related. He is a 2010 Graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. His expertise ranges from simple coding to systems analysis. He has always enjoyed exploring the vast world of computer hardware and now gets to share that passion with all funky followers!


Daniel Ledford – US (News Editor and Hardware Reviewer)

Follow: @JeremyGulley8

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no_imageMatthew Berry – US (News Editor and Hardware Reviewer)

Follow: @Berry23M

Introduced to gaming in the early 90s playing Oregon trail. Peaked his interest into the ever-changing computer industry at a young age. Life lead him down a different path until recently rediscovering his true calling. Being a hardware reviewer and news editor gives him a chance to gain the experience and knowledge in the field he most enjoys.


The European Team

no_imageBartosz Waluk – PL ( European Editor and Hardware Reviewer )

Follow: @BWaluk

Bartosz Waluk aka Woomack is from Poland. He’s been interested in computer hardware and extreme overclocking for over 15 years. Bartosz has also over 12 years experience in IT what includes sales, technical support and computer building … but not only. He joined the Funky Kit team in January 2013.

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no_imageRichard A – UK (UK Editor)

Richard aka PapaShango is from England. He’s been interested in computers for about 12 years and more. He’s a keen gamer and he’s also interested in hardware side of things as well. Richard has been a member of the Funky Kit team since the earlier days of 2004, contributing more than 8,800+ hours to Funky Kit over the course of 8 years! …


Retired Members

no_imageRetired: Matt Harrod – US (Contributor)

Matthew is a native of the central United States. A modder at heart, He just can’t leave well enough alone. In his off time you’ll catch him getting his hands dirty and enjoying one or more of his many hobbies.

no_imageRetired: Ed Smith – US (Chief Reviewer and Editor)

An avid overclocker and bencher, Ed aka Bobnova began his career in computers as child with a TRS80, following a stint as owner of a small computer business in the late 90’s he swore off computers for some years. Upon returning to the computer scene Bobnova discovered overclocking and benchmarking and dove in head first, quickly progressing into the realm of extreme cooling and competition. Bobnova joins FunkyKit to bring the realms of overclocking and benching to a wider audience.

no_imageRetired: Dexter K – US (Reviewer/Editor)

aka “kow_ciller” started working on computers when he was 10 and learned how to do mods soon after that, needless to say he’s been addicted to pushing them to their limits since then. Over the years he’s been an avid PC gamer, playing quite a few games competitively. When he’s not working with/on computers, he’s usually working towards getting into a masters program with hopes of continuing his further education.

no_imageLoy LeeHK/UK (Media Content Producer/Web Guru)

Follow: @loylee

Loy loves the outdoor and anything that’s tech. He has over 10 years experience in web development and has utilized new web technologies to his advantage. Loy is responsible for our podcasts and general direction of the website and media content.

no_imageComputerNerd – US (News Editor & Blogger)

aka Nick is from the south-east United States. He’s been into PC and hardware for a good number of years, and become a member of the Funky Kit staff from October 2011. Since then, he has met some interesting people and gotten to not only report the news but also learn about it himself, so it’s safe to say he’s enjoy doing what he does.


  • Tony So – HK (Creative Designer, Photographer and Videographer)
  • TsunamiJuan aka Jeff (US)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Vox (UK)
  • Android, Mario and MadMax (Rest of the World)