3D Mark’s Time Spy With Raytracing to be Launched by the End of September

Ray-tracing is all the rave right now … not sure why, as it was done way back in 1968. Still, it’s nice to see some of the new visual effects possible.

UL (who acquired and is in the process of changing 3D Mark’s image to that of its own) has revealed that the new, raytracing-supporting version of their Time Spy high performance and high quality benchmark will be arriving by the end of September. 

The new version of the benchmark will be released around the launch of Microsoft’s next version of its Windows 10 Operating System, codenamed Redstone 5, and thus will fall in some time after NVIDIA’s RTX 20-series launch on September 20th. Here’s hoping it will be available in time for comparative reviews on NVIDIA’s new family of products, and that some light can be shed on the new series’ framerates delivery, and not just their GigaRays/sec capabilities.

Source: TPU


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