Facebook.gg: New Video Game Streaming Service to Rival Twitch

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Facebook has launched its own video game streaming hub. Facebook.gg, which launched on Thursday, will compete directly with popular platforms like Twitch and Mixer.

It’s part of the social media site’s continued efforts to become a destination for video content. The new service suggests streams based on who individual users follow, and highlights content chosen by Facebook.

At the time of writing 3,400 play Player Unknown: Battlegrounds (PubG ) on Facebook.gg, while 2,900 people are streaming Fortnite. In contrast, according to metrics from Twitch analytics site SullyGnome, Fortnite consistently dominates on Twitch as the most streamed game.

It points to a slightly different audience for Facebook.gg and the well established Twitch.

Younger gamers are more likely to play Fortnite than PubG, so the fact PubG currently dominates on Facebook.gg is an early indicator that the platform’s audience is older.

Facebook will be wanting to target a younger demographic, according to Twitch-partnered streamer, Spamfish. “There’s so much money in streaming right now,” he says.

“Video games streamers have extremely engaged communities because they watch 30 to 40 minutes an hour average.

Source: BBC


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