LG adopts all-plastic flexible OLED displays, no more glass


LG Chem is ready to announce that the korean company completed their development of a truly flexible plastic based OLED lighting Panel. The first samples are available for their customers.


The current bendable OLED lighting modules (F6BA40, F6BA30) are thin glass based and can only provide a limited bending of 75 mm. The new completely flexible plastic based panels increased the bending radios flexibility to 30mm which also eliminates the danger of the panel shattering when excessive force is applied. LG describe that the main problem to change from glass to plastic was to maintain the performance levels of efficiency, luminance, and CRI. LG Chem has overcome this challenge by adopting its expertise in barrier and encapsulation technology.




The new plastic-based OLED light panel are 60lm/W efficiency, 75lm brightness, 3,000K in color temperature, and CRI over 85. Engineering samples are available at $250USD per panel. The mass production of the flexible panel is scheduled to begin in July 2015.

Another milestone is that LG is ready to mass produce the world largest OLED lighting Panel 320×320 mm.

The 320x320mm OLED light panel is 0.88mm thick panel and has an efficiency of 60lm/W, CRI over 90, and has output levels of 800lm with a nominal input (8.5V 1,600mA). The panel’s output can reach 1,200lm which is similar to a common 60-75 Watt incandescent lamp. This is significant because it marks first time that OLEDs can be considered as an energy-efficient / human-friendly light source available for general purpose use.

This large panel is available in Q1 2015 for about 680 US Dollar per panel with a lower negotiated price for bulk orders.



Source: oleddisplay via oledexpert

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