The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio – EV Supercar Concept

Supercapacitors, not batteries, power this wild creation.Lamborghini isn’t known for bowing to convention. Ever since Ferruccio told Enzo Ferrari where he could stick his temperamental cars, and decided to build his own, it’s been going its own way. This car, the Terzo Millennio (“third millenium”), built in collaboration with MIT, is very much a Lamborghini approach to the EV performance car. To begin with, it is obviously nothing else but a Lamborghini. Wild concept car touches aside, it’s as wedgy and mean as anything to come out of Sant’Agata (and definitely anything to come out of Cambridge, MA!).

There’s some advanced tech here, too, as you might imagine with MIT’s involvement. The most notable is the supercapacitor energy storage technology. Supercapacitors aren’t ready for primetime yet, being very expensive and not quite as energy dense, although currently they’re used in a few niche automotive applications. But MIT and Lamborghini want to produce one that’ll work more like a main battery, but with greater ability to recharge and discharge quickly. That’s ideal for brutal, explosive acceleration. If Lamborghini and MIT can make a breakthrough here, it’d let the decidedly conventional Lamborghinis of today (naturally aspirated, non-electrified) take a leap into the future on Lamborghini’s own terms.

The company is also exploring carbon composite batteries utilizing nanotechnology, which the company claims would reduce weight and increase the discharge capacity of the batteries. So, it seems, the Terzo Millennio might combine the two power storage technologies into the same drivetrain.

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