$250 1TB Xbox One X Deal Over at GameStop

Check out this great deal over at Gamestop … 

Looking for a console upgrade before the Xbox Series X hits shelves? You may have some time left to get a 1TB Xbox One X for as cheap as a price as we’ve seen. GameStop is offering last year’s 2K19 console bundle for just $250, while the store’s Game Days promotion throws in a second controller for free. That gets everything you need for some 4K HDR gaming as well as Ultra HD Blu-ray capability with the most power available until the new consoles arrive late next year. A year-old copy of NBA 2K isn’t particularly attractive as a pack-in, but at this price you should have plenty left over for a Game Pass subscription or a few of the top Xbox One games available.

If it’s still available at a local store you might be able to pick one up today, but if not you’ll have to hope it’s still in stock online — shoppers have reported seeing it flicker between available and sold out.

Source: GameStop via Engadget


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