Leaked Photos of Oculus Quest Successor

Some leaked photos have started to appear showing the successor of the Oculus Quest VR headset and controller.

Taken from TPU … The Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset released in May 2019, the headset features a Snapdragon 835 and inside-out tracking. The headset has received various software updates bringing features such as hand-tracking and SteamVR tether support which have proved to be a hit with consumers. A leaked image of a potential Oculus Quest successor was posted on Twitter by @h0x0d which shows an iterative upgrade to the original headset.

The leaked image shows updated Oculus Touch controllers and general ergonomic improvements however, most improvements are likely to be internal with speculation of a faster screen and updated processor. This seems like a logical move for Oculus which recently discontinued their budget Oculus Go headset and announced their intentions to focus on Oculus Quest going forwards.

Source: TPU, @h0x0d


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