Aqua Computer D5 NEXT – Smart Pump with Integrated LED & Fan Controller

Aqua Computer is presenting its latest generation of coolant pumps today. The D5 NEXT is a new development based mechanically on the proven Laing D5 pump with highly advanced electronics and a wide range of functions.

The pump is mechanically divided by Aqua Computer into a motor unit and an electronics unit which can be plugged together. This simplifies assembly and helps with maintenance. 

A special design feature is a decoupling system already integrated into the pump which significantly eases installation and effectively prevents noise caused by vibrations.

With a maximum pressure of approximately 370 mbar, the D5 NEXT achieves more than sufficient performance. The performance is freely adjustable and can be regulated by a controller.

The control is done via USB. The very extensive aquasuite software, already known from other Aqua Computer products, serves as a user interface. In addition, all important settings can also be adjusted on a high resolution OLED display placed directly on the pump. This is done via mechanical keys or a touch screen.

In addition to the pump function, a fan controller for PWM fans with up to 25 W power consumption has been integrated. Pump and fans can be configured to be regulated by an integrated water temperature sensor. The sensor delivers very exact values.

The pump is able to determine the flow rate relatively accurately using an algorithm known from Aqua Computer as “Virtual Flow”. This is done by a complex calculation from the measured motor data. The accuracy is sufficient for monitoring against kinked tubes or lack of coolant. An optional sensor can be connected for more accurate measurements. For alarms an acoustic and optical alarm is available.

Aqua Computer also fulfills the request for RGB lighting. In contrast to many competitors who only offer simple effects, Aqua Computer has put a lot of thought to this. In addition to LEDs already integrated into the pump, a maximum of 64 individually controllable digital LEDs can be connected. These can be used, for example, to visualize CPU load, speeds, temperatures, flow and other measured values. The effects can be arranged and configured in a way similar to a video editing program.

With the also available “AMBIENTpx” function RGBpx LED Strips can be used to illuminate the monitor background according to the currently displayed content. This function is known from televisions, but is not expected in a pump.


With the D5 NEXT Aqua Computer brings a pump to the market with a so far unknown range of functions. With the integrated sensor technology, fan and LED control, the pump alone is already sufficient for the control and monitoring of most liquid cooled systems.

The suggested retail price is 119.00 Euro (incl. 19% VAT). The pump is being shipped from mid-October.


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