Cooler Master ML120L RGB All-In-One CPU Cooler Reviewed at HardOCP

Our good friends over at HardOCP have posted a review on the Cooler Master ML120L RGB All-In-One CPU Cooler. They gave it their silver award … proving that it ain’t bad at all. Go check out the review on their website.

Cooler Master has recently revamped its entire line of All-In-One liquid CPU coolers, and it has specifically addressed putting a lower priced product into the market with its “Lite” series of AIOs that it says are “An easy, reliable and low noise plunge into liquid cooling.” Let’s see how its smallest radiator stands up to an overclocked Ryzen CPU.

Cooler Master has hit a sweet spot between performance, aesthetics, and price with the ML120l RGB. At an MSRP of only $59.95, it represents a good value for anyone lacking in case space and wanting an AIO with all the frag harder goodness. The combination of the Dual Chamber Pump, Low Resistance radiator, and air balance fan give solid performance in such a small package, and comes with a 2 year warranty. Anyone who doesn’t have the space for a large air cooler, or all-in-one, or that has a lower heat load than what we torture with should give the ML120L RGB a look. If you are space limited in your case, the ML120L is an extremely capable AIO in a small package.

Source: HardOCP


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