CORSAIR Hydro X Custom Watercooling Lineup Leaked

Someone (reseller) from France is the culprit. Mind you, I spoke to Corsair at Computex 2018, and I was informed that they will release custom watercooling components … this year. I guess it’s true then.

Why is it that each time something leaks from CORSAIR, it is from one of their resellers? This time, it was France-based LDLC who decided to show off an entire system filled with parts from CORSAIR’s upcoming Hydro X business unit at Paris Games Week recently. This is our first look at CORSAIR’s entry to custom watercooling, which was teased a couple of months ago, and looks like the inevitable launch will be sooner rather than later.

This entire venture started off with drama of its own, involving key personnel jumping ship from EK Waterblocks to CORSAIR about a year ago, and many were curious as to what this meant in terms of new options to the market. We will go through the photos one by one to identify and comment on all the parts, so be sure to click the full story as we dig deeper into the individual parts.

First up, the CPU water block. Designed in a similar manner to their new Hydro Platinum series of closed loop liquid coolers, we see what appears to be an acrylic top surrounded by an aluminium trim. The block form factor is larger than average, going by the other hardware used in the build, and there are addressable RGB LEDs integrated within for lighting support. The cooling engine itself is encompassed in a smaller circular region, with what appears to be a typical split central-inlet flow design as with just about any modern CPU block. Two G1/4″ threaded ports greet us on the front, and the build system uses soft tubing with what may well be CORSAIR-branded nickel-plated brass compression fittings. It remains to be seen whether the tubing and coolant are also part of the company’s offerings or outsourced at this point.

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