INNO3D Unleashes iCHILL High performance Gaming memory

INNO3D®, a leading manufacturer of awesome high-end multimedia components and various innovations enriching your life, has presented an entire new computer hardware product family; INNO3D® high performance / gaming memory.

The hatching product family will crawl out of its shell under the name iCHILL and will come in various capacities of 4GB up to 16GB at speeds of 2400 MHz up to 4000 MHz and with ultra low latencies up to 15CL. Renowned for its frost-bite cooling solutions, the memory modules will be equipped with a unique heat spreader design that can optimize system performance, increase a smooth gaming experience and simply give that extra ‘umpf’ to your PC.

The new iCHILL memory series will fit into any case design with its RGB LEDs and provide that extra adaptive ‘awesomeness’ for the gaming machine to look super sharp and ready to engage. The gamer now has the power to tune the PC to any environment and adjust its color scheme allowing all components to become one.

– Focused on one target; one gamer; one machine. Built to conquer. –

“We have entered a new era of providing more system performance to the gamer and the demanding high performance addict” said Ken Wong, leading product manager at INNO3D. “Our memory products stand for a brutal gaming experience just as our graphics products and aimed to shock the gaming world with its high performance and adaptive design”.

The enthusiast will see the new iCHILL memory series hit the shelves at preferred resellers across Asia and Europe within the next few weeks. For more information, please visit or contact


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