Toshiba Releases List of HDD Models Using SMR Technology

Use of Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology in Toshiba Consumer Hard Drives.

The introduction of Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology has enabled HDD manufacturers, such as Toshiba, to increase the capacity of their spinning platter drives beyond that of existing approaches. SMR technology is recognized as having an impact on write-speeds in drives where this technology is used, especially in the case of continuous random writing. For this reason, Toshiba products are carefully tailored to specific workloads and use cases.

For example, in use cases such as network-attached storage (NAS), where continuous random writing regularly occurs, Toshiba’s current product line for consumers features the N300, which does not use SMR.

The P300 / DT02 / DT02-V Desktop PC & Surveillance Hard Drive range of products, which are the product line for client drive application, such as all-in-one PCs, desktop PCs, and surveillance.

In the current range, the following drives do use SMR technology:

  • P300 6 TB
  • P300 4 TB
  • DT02 6 TB
  • DT02 4 TB
  • DT02-V 6 TB
  • DT02-V 4 TB


The L200 / MQ04 Laptop PC Hard Drive range of products,, which are the product line for client drive application, such as notebook PC, game consoles, and external enclosures, etc.

The following drives also use SMR technology:

  • L200 2 TB
  • L200 1 TB
  • MQ04 2 TB
  • MQ04 1 TB


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