Panasonic S5 and S1 Cameras will Support High-Res Blackmagic RAW Video

Good news for all owners of Panasonic S1 and S5 cameras … the update will now support high-res Blackmagic RAW video soon.

Taken from Engadget … Panasonic will update both its Lumix S1 and S5 full-frame cameras with Blackmagic RAW 5.9K 12-bit 30 fps external video recording capability on July 12th, the company announced. Both cameras will be able to output that resolution (5,888 x 3,312) at up to 30 fps over HDMI to Blackmagic Design’s Video Assist 12G HDR recorder, joining the S1H with that capability. 

Both the S1 and S5 could already record 5.9K 12-bit ProRes RAW video to Atomos Ninja V recorders. However, ProRes RAW is not supported in Davinci Resolve 17, so Blackmagic RAW (BRAW) recording is a must for that increasingly popular editing software. BRAW also offers more RAW compression options, though both formats have their strong and weak points

On top of full-frame 5.9K video, both cameras will be able to capture APS-C C4K (17:9) video at up to 4,128 x 2,176 60 fps, or APS-C 3.5K anamorphic. Panasonic will also introduce an HLG photo plug-in for Adobe Photoshop for all S-series cameras, making it easier to deal with that HDR format. 

Source: Engadget


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