Edimax AC600 Wireless Dual-Band Mini USB Adapter Review

Today, we’ll be taking a quick look at the Edimax AC600 Wireless Dual-Band Mini USB Adapter. It’s one of the smallest wireless mini USB adapter, that offers Dual-Band connectivity (2.4G and 5G) with speeds of upto 433 Mbps.

What on earth made me go and get one of these? Well, after building a lot of PC project builds over the past several months, I noticed they all had built in Gigabit LAN which is fine. However, most of these PC project builds will be showcased and demoed at events and exhibitions, where there are no LAN cables nor wired connectivity available. 

So what’s the solution … go wireless of course! Well, there are wide variety of affordable wireless PCI-E cards available on the market. But the problem is … I don’t want to be installing one of these in all of the PC project builds every time!

The best and most convenient, yet affordable solution, is to buy ourselves a wireless mini USB Adapter, that can be plugged into ANY system for fast and easy connectivity.

Let’s start by taking a look the specifications and overview of the Edimax AC600 Wireless Dual-Band Mini USB Adapter. Buy now at Amazon – https://goo.gl/oI4Rh8.



The next generation 802.11ac wireless standard is set to revolutionize Wi-Fi. Super-speed 802.11ac dual-band routers are already available but wireless devices are still stuck with 802.11n technology. Upgrade your wireless device to dual-band 802.11ac with the fastest possible USB 2.0 connectivity for blistering Wi-Fi speeds on the interference free 5Ghz frequency band.

Next Generation Wi-Fi Standard

The Edimax EW-7811UTC is the next generation of Wi-Fi adapter, compatible with the draft 802.11ac standard and delivering speeds of up to 433Mbps at 5GHz – almost three times as fast as 802.11n. Upgrade PCs and notebooks to super high speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi and enjoy streaming video and data.



  • Complies with draft IEEE 802.11ac standard and backward compatible with wireless 802.11a/b/g/n standards
  • Dual-band wireless connectivity for 2.4GHz or 5GHz
  • Maximum Wi-Fi speeds of 150Mbps (2.4GHz) or 433Mbps (5GHz)
  • Features a hardware WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button for easy wireless connections
  • Features easy setup wizard
  • Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux and Mac OS X drivers



Hardware Standards Frequency Band
•1 x USB 2.0 Type A
•1 x Hardware WPS Button
•1 x Link/Activity LED
•2.4GHz: IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
•5GHz: IEEE 802.11ac (Draft), 802.11a, 802.11n
•2.4000 – 2.4835GHz (subject to local regulations)
•5.150 – 5.825GHz (subject to local regulations)
Output Power Installation Operation Range
11b (11Mbps): 17dBm±1.5dBm
11g (54Mbps): 15dBm±1.5dBm
11n (20MHz, MCS7): 14dBm±1.5dBm
11n (40MHz, MCS7): 14dBm±1.5dBm
11a (54Mbps): 14dBm±1.5dBm
11n (20MHz, MCS7): 13dBm±1.5dBm
11n (40MHz, MCS7): 13dBm±1.5dBm
11ac (80MHz, MCS7): 12dBm±1.5dBm
•Easy setup wizard
•Hardware WPS Button for Easy Wireless Connections
•11a: 6/9/12/24/36/48/54Mbps
•11b: 1/2/5.5/11Mbps
•11g: 6/9/12/24/36/48/54Mbps
•11n (20MHz): MCS0-7 (up to 72Mbps)
•11n (40MHz): MCS0-7 (up to 144Mbps)
•11ac (80MHz): MCS0-9 (up to 433Mbps)
LED Security Temperature & Humidity
•Link/Activity •WEP 64/128-bit, WPA, WPA2, 802.1x
•Hardware & Software WPS Configuration
•Max. 95% (non-condensing)
•32 – 104°F (0 – 40°C)
Weight Dimensions  Certifications
•3g •40 (H) x 16 (W) x 7 (D) mm •CE/FCC

Package Contents​

  • Wireless USB adapter (1 pcs)
  • Quick installation guide (1 pcs)
  • CD with setup wizard, driver and multi-language QIG (1 pcs)

For more information visit Edimax’s website … here.


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The box and packaging is very simple but effective. You don’t get much with it, apart from the Wireless USB adapter itself, a quick installation guide and a CD with setup wizard, driver and multi-language options.

The Edimax AC600 Wireless Dual-Band Mini USB Adapter is TINY! It’s no bigger than a pack of gum and only measures 40 (H) x 16 (W) x 7 (D) mm. 

OK, now let’s give it a test and see how fast it really is … 


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