Diamond Multimedia Game Caster HD GC1500 Review

Have you ever experienced a moment during a gaming session that you wished you could share with your friends and/or the rest of the world? With services like YouTube and Twitch, just to name a few, that wish has become a reality for both casual gamers and hardcore streamers alike. While there are many avenues to travel to accomplish this feat, some are more convoluted than others or have steep hardware requirements to get the job done. Diamond Multimedia seeks to bring an easy-to-use and affordable solution even for those who consider themselves amateurs. Today we have the opportunity to take the Game Caster HD GC1500 from Diamond for a test drive and let you know what we think of it.



Revolutionize your Gaming Experience with the Diamond GC1500 GameCaster HD 1080P Game Capture box. Capture and record your gameplay in HD 1080P from all the major game consoles and share them with your friends and family. Stream your edited scenes on YouTube, Facebook or stream live to Twitch® or Ustream® with real-time Voice Commentary. Seamlessly go from streaming to saving your gameplay and archive hours of your most inspired gaming experiences. With its sleek and compact design, the Diamond HD 1080P Game Capture is a breeze to use. Just set it and forget it. The LOOP-THROUGH/TV Pass thru function lets you record and play simultaneously with no delay. Buy now at Amazon – https://goo.gl/O4IEPN



I would like to thank Diamond Multimedia for providing the review sample. This is what Diamond Multimedia has to say about themselves on their website: 

About Diamond Multimedia

“For over two decades, Diamond Multimedia has been widely recognized as a pioneer in the graphics, sound and communications industries and a key player in launching the multimedia revolution. Our mission is to provide our customers with the latest quality technology combined with outstanding service and support.

Diamond offers a complete multimedia solution featuring AMD Radeon graphics cards, TV tuners, USB display adapters, video capture devices, sound cards, modems, and electronics accessories all from one convenient location.


Diamond video cards use the latest technology to offer the best solutions for gaming, home media and business applications. Powered by AMD Radeon Graphics, Diamond is continuously striving to manufacture the highest quality video cards to ensure reliability and stability in your computer system. 

Diamond products are available to the public throughout North America and Europe through retailers, resellers and systems integrators as well as top technology product distributors. Diamond products stand for performance, quality and value. Our corporate headquarters are located in Chatsworth, California.”


OK, let’s dive straight in and start with the specifications of the Diamond Multimedia Game Caster HD GC1500 …




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