SIMGOT EM2 Hi-Res IEM Earphones Review

I’m not much of an audiophile, but when it comes to listening to music, I need a good set of headphones and earphones. Comfort is MUST and I hate background/outside noises. So if a headphone or earphones that can offer comfort, good sound and noise cancellation … then I’m all for it.

In this review, we’ll be taking a quick look at the SIMGOT EM2 Hi-Res IEM Earphones. 



The EM2 is a hybrid IEM, with 1x Dynamic Driver + 1x Balanced Driver. It looks exactly the same as the EM1, and you have to check the inner side to tell them apart. Combined with the dynamic driver, you get a full-range driver with tuned vents from Knowles. The cable is upgraded from the basic OFC X4 to the better SPC X4, a silver-plated version.

The EM2 is a high resolution audio certified in-ear headphone with over-ear hooks for lasting comfort. The headphone channels sound from the headphone’s driver to the listener’s ear without obstruction. This ensures clear and accurate audio reproduction which combined with a custom-engineered 10mm high magnetic compound dynamic driver delivers balanced, full sound reproduction.


    A 10mm moving coil (dynamic) driver acts as a subwoofer and provides air movement for realistic bass depth and impact, superb clarity, and crisp detailing.
    Universal-fit musician’s monitors from EM2 audio leverage a hybrid pairing of two different driver types to deliver outstanding audio performance on and off the stage.
    An all-new balanced armature (BA) driver is quick and precise for clear and detailed reproduction of midrange and treble frequencies.
    The in-ear design of the EM2 blocks external noise and enables lower-volume listening, protecting your hearing and improving sound quality. Comply memory foam eartips deliver maximum comfort and further increase noise isolation for a superior audio experience.




  • Superb Audio Quality and Extremely Durable: Dual High-Definition Drivers ensure outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity. High Fidelity in-Ear Monitor Headphones offers you with crystal music and lifelike phone call experience, this also means you are getting life-like sound and immersive sound. 
  • Noise Isolation and Great Sound: The cable provided for the EM2 has a more efficient high quality transmission.The sound comes out clear, loud and with bass. They are also noise isolating earbuds that can block outside noise. You can listen to your music and phone call clearly even in noisy environments like gym, fitness walk, subway/bus commute and flight trip. 
  • Convenient Detachable Cable: The EM2 has a very convenient detachable cable system. So this means that you can replace the cables with other compatible cables at your leisure. The cables provided for the EM2 are silver braided cables that are extremely durable for long lasting uses. The silver braided 3.5mm Aux Cable is compatible with all Smartphones and Digital Audio Players. 
  • High Performance: SIMGOT’s High Performance Cables are manufactured to use High Strength, Highly Flexible, Ultra-Low Resistant Tensile Wire for enhanced durability. Twisted to help reduce cable noise and keep the cable light-weight, flexible, and comfortable, our cable features Audio Connectors and 3.5mm stereo plug. Built to withstand the rigors of the road, SIMGOT ’s Audio Cable is perfect for use on-stage, or for personal listening.




  • Impedance: 10Ω
  • Headphone Sensitivity: 101dB
  • Frequency Response Range: 15Hz-40kHz
  • Power Rating: 15mW with 3.5mm Straight Plug
  • Distortion Degree: <1% 101 dB
  • Channel Balance: <1.5 dB (at 1000Hz)
  • Vocalism Principle: Double Dynamic Driver
  • Headphones category: HIFI,Hi-Res, Monitor


Box and Packaging

The earphones come in a nice, sleek looking package. The first layer features the left and right earpiece/earbuds and a leather pouch containing the rubber ear-tips, while the layer underneath contains the cabling and instruction leaflet. 


A Closer Look

The earpiece/earbud looks exquisite and build quality is extremely good. For a nice snug fit, you’ll need to fit the included ear-tips based on your size. Once that’s done, follow the instructions to connect the cable to the left/right earpiece/earbuds.



Conclusion and Verdict

The SIMGOT EM2 Hi-Res IEM Earphones offers great sound, with crisp highs, good mid-range and nice bass. This is all thanks to custom-engineered 10mm high magnetic compound dynamic driver with tuned vents from Knowles. It delivers balanced, full sound reproduction. The build quality is extremely good, and this is pretty evident when they only use high quality materials.

The high performance cables is made with ultra-low resistant tensile wire for enhanced durability. and offers superb strength and good flexibility. What’s more, it features 400 DuPont KEVLAR fibre with 4 cores of silver-plate wire.

To my surprise, the noise cancellation on the SIMGOT EM2 is really good. When I’m listening to my music, I seriously can’t hear any background/outside noise.

The only thing I found was the ear-tips may not fit all ear types (I have weird ears 😛 lol). The other thing is the bass … I’m one of those people who prefers more deep and heavier bass. Apart from that, I’m more than happy with the SIMGOT EM2 Hi-Res IEM Earphones. It offers great audio, excellent build quality and a really good price.




You can buy the SIMGOT EM2 Hi-Res IEM Earphones for around USD $105 from Amazon –


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