VIOTEK Reaper RFI25CBA 25-Inch Extreme Gaming Monitor Review

Today we get to show you the VIOTEK Reaper RFI25CBA Gaming Monitor! If you recall we showed off an ultrawide from VIOTEK a couple of weeks back. Today we a smaller yet very capable gaming monitor on our hands. When you are looking to save on space but don’t want to sacrifice any performance, then we have a monitor in front of us that may be capable of both. A bigger monitor is always going to be the preferred choice but may not always be possible. One reason being, space. You might just not have the available room to throw a 34″ ultrawide up. Another fantastic use for a smaller monitor is as a second screen. Now if you are like me then you prefer to have your second monitor in a vertical orientation. Not all monitors are capable of pivoting in these positions. Some you cant even adjust the mount to do it. Not with this monitor you can pivot the monitor in either direction. Allowing you to put the monitor on the right of the left of your main monitor with the simple flip of the screen. A list of must haves are, IPS, 120Hz, 1080P, 1ms response, 100% sRGB. These are a few of my must have specs for a monitor. So lets see if this monitor can meet my demands!


Introducing the RFI25CBA, first in the REAPER Series for gamers who love to play—and win. The RFI25CBA benefits from a pro-grade IPS panel with a 1920x1080p FHD resolution. Images are rendered with precision and impeccable color reproduction, thanks to a wide 111% sRGB gamut and 16.7 million displayable colors. All with a wide 178° viewing angle. Every second counts. Thankfully, the fast 144Hz monitor refresh rate combines with 1ms MPRT (moving picture response time) Mode to deliver seamless gameplay with reduced motion blur and input lag. The RFI25CBA offers Adaptive Sync* that further reduces image glitches, tears and ghosting on fast-paced games while still maximizing refresh rates on compatible devices—including Xbox One. So your high-octane games are liquid-smooth with minimal distortion. (Adaptive Sync works with G-SYNC and FreeSync.) Take down enemies with ease and turn every shot into direct hits with GAMEPLUS crosshairs for game-winning accuracy.

I would like to thank Viotek for providing the review sample. This is a snippet from what Viotek has to say about themselves on their website:

Viotek is a different kind of tech company. Built on an unwavering will to innovate, Viotek is dedicated to making the best products at the best price for technology enthusiasts worldwide. With an imaginative research and development team and the resources to bring ideas to life, Viotek is committed to never follow but always lead.

Values and Principles


We’re committed. Viotek is built on unwavering will and dedication to innovate, solving common problems and improving experiences for technology enthusiasts worldwide.

Research & Development

We think big. With an imaginative research and development team and the resources to bring ideas to life, Viotek is committed to never follow but always lead.


We like competition. Viotek strives to offer the best products at the best price. We continuously benchmark our performance against the very best in the biz, but more importantly, we have pretty high standards of our own.


We’re efficient. Industrial and technological advancements make our lives better, but also have a big impact on the environment. Viotek takes great measures to ensure our products are as efficient as possible, delivering maximum performance with minimum energy consumption.

Customer Service

We care. Customers are our greatest asset and we wouldn’t be where we are today without so many of you. That is why Viotek is the industry leader in customer service and support and features an industry-leading, no-hassle warranty, even on most OEM parts.


OK let’s get down to business and start with the specifications and features of the VIOTEK Reaper RFI25CBA Gaming Monitor. You can the VIOTEK Reaper RFI25CBA Gaming Monitorbuy the for around USD $239.99 from Amazon –


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