Hyte Revolt 3 ITX Small Form Factor Chassis

The Hyte Revolt 3 is quickly becoming a force to reckoned with. I have only seen high praise for this case. Finding a SFF can be a challenge. Finding one that will meet all your demands will take time and reading reviews like this one. Knowing what you can or cannot fit into a SFF case is the most important thing you need to know. They usually have restrictions on GPU size and even PSU size. If you are looking at a small case then you are probably interesting in being able easily move this case from location to location. So this case having a handle is a huge bonus.



The most enticing aspect about this case was the pre-installed PSU. You do pay a premium for this feature, 120 dollars to be exact. That isn’t exactly cheap for a 700W PSU but the SFX power supplies tend to run a little on the higher side. Also keep in mind you will be limited to a graphics card that only requires a 700W PSU. Even though I have pointed out a few concerns of a SFF case but if you need a case for your ITX build then then you should take a hard look at this one!


We designed REVOLT 3 to be a compact ITX case unlike any other. Access your PC from nearly any angle to upgrade and modify. There’s a place for everything – including the latest graphics cards!* With its clean design and attention to detail, this case will be sure to turn heads wherever you take it. Once you open the REVOLT 3 and feel how sleek and sturdy it is, you’ll be itching to get all your hardware in here. We can’t wait to see what kind of creativity you put into building out this tiny dream machine!

I would like to thank Hyte for providing the review sample. This is what Hyte has to say about themselves on their website:



HYTE: Experience Play.

Play is the heart and soul of PC hardware innovation—from launching performance to new heights to delivering exciting new experiences on screen. But those experiences don’t just happen. YOU make them happen. Why not make the PC building adventure just as fun?

At HYTE, we push the envelope when it comes to your PC experience. Our goal is to make our products effortlessly interactive, in ways that will change the way you look at building, gaming, and everything else you do with your tech. But we don’t stop there; why force a specific “gamer” or “professional” style when your PC is as powerful and unique as you are? That’s why we’re committed to creating products that have artistic form and expert function, always keeping an eye out for first-time builders and enthusiasts alike.

Play shouldn’t only happen once you press the power button. After all, the journey is half the fun. We hope you join us on our next adventure!

HYTE is the sister brand of iBUYPOWER.

Now let us see what the Hyte Revolt 3 ITX Case is all about! The Hyte Revolt 3 ITX Case with a 700W PSU can be found on Hyte as well as various other e-tailers for around $249.99.


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