Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 280 AIO Cooler Review

Looking for a reliable and effective AIO liquid cooling solution that features easy installation? The AIO is a simple headache-free way to get into the liquid cooling game whether you are looking to push that maximum overclock or simply want a quieter computer. We have several companies competing for the top spot in the AIO cooler market and Cooler Master has upped the ante in has released their new MasterLiquid Pro with, what they call FlowOp technology. You are in luck as today we will be covering the newly released MasterLiquid Pro 280 by Cooler Master.

This AIO is nearly identical to the Pro 240, which we recently raved about in a review, but comes equipped with a 25% larger 280mm radiator. The MasterLiquid 240 was a great cooler that performed very well in the saturated 240mm AIO segment. I am excited to see what this cooler has to offer!


Feel the Flow

Based on our expertise in thermal technology, we reengineered how liquid absorbs and expels heat throughout the all-in-one (AIO) closed loop of the cooler. Our holistic approach to the flow puts in your hands a comprehensive cooling machine that lasts longer, performs better and requires virtually no maintenance.

We call it FlowOp

We will take an in depth look at this new technology on Page 5.


I would like to thank Cooler Master for providing this review sample! Let us see what Cooler Master has to say about themselves on their website:

“We’re all about the things that make building a PC such a rewarding experience. The sense of achievement. The joy of making and creating something uniquely yours in form and function. The freedom that comes from complete control. And of course, the thrill of bringing your creation to life without melting your components.”


“Roger was the first to grasp that people would appreciate toolless motherboard heatsinks, and that cooling isn’t just about heatsinks and fans, but air flow through the case as well. Inspired by cutting-edge stereo designs appearing from Japan, he challenged his engineers to make the industry’s first aluminum PC case. They were handmade, high-value, market-leading products that sold out immediately.”

Now let us see what the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 280 has to offer!


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