Gamdias Chione M3 AIO CPU Cooler Review


Conclusion and Verdict

After spending a few days using the Chione M3 and looking for the subtle ways they cut the cost of this to a mere 100 dollars. I think I have noticed a few things I will tell you about. First off, they saved a few dollars in the packaging. The cooler is completely safe in transit and the material is minimal and look highly recyclable. Next thing I noticed is the overall weight. The entire unit is quite a bit lighter than other AIO’s I have used in the past. Some of the material may not be as dense but it in no way effected the performance as you saw in the test results! These a couple of the subtle thing I noticed that probably helped with saving costs on this product. That in turn provides us users, with an affordable product that performs very well.


The fans seem to be decent fans and move a ton of air. But with that, when they are spinning at full speed, they are very loud. 42 dBs to be exact. To be fair the back side of the radiator had the most air I have felt on that side of a rad in a long time. This truly helped with the temps being so low. They moved air like a box fan but also had some acoustics to go along with it. I always check pumps for vibration. This can be the most harmful side effect of an AIO. As for the Chione there was very little vibration in the hoses or pump housing. The only thing I noticed about this particular pump was the motor whine. You could hear an audible whine from the pump especially if it was at full tilt. I am not sure of the inner workings of the design and don’t know if this is to be of concern over a long period of time or not. But you could tell the pump was working when it was on.

The RGB was very good. The fans had smooth even lighting and the Pump had an awesome endless mirror effect. This part of the RGB made the cooler stand out!

The Gamdias Chione M3 AIO CPU Cooler can be found at NewEgg and other various e-tailers for $104.99 USD.



  • Price
  • RGB
  • Awesome test results
  • Pump Infinity mirror finish
  • RGB controller if you don’t have a compatible Motherboard


  • Loud Fans at full speed
  • Loud Pump at full speed


Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a super affordable AIO, Gamdias has a solution with the new Chione M3. The performance was spot on, and the performance outpaced the price tag by a long shot.



You can buy something similar – the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240 Mirror AIO CPU Cooler for around USD $129.99 from Amazon –


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