Noctua NF-P12 Redux, NF-A12x25 Fans and Accessories Review


The performance has been tested using AMD Threadripper platform which contains the 1920X processor, Ballistix Tactical Tracer 32GB DDR4-2666 memory, ASRock X399M Taichi motherboard and what’s the most important, Enermax LIQTECH 280 AIO on which were installed all fans.

In the comparison are popular fans like Fractal Silent Series, Phanteks 14SP and older Corsair SP140. Fractal and Phanteks fans were part of the PC chassis equipment while all other fans. All other fans were purchased in retail or delivered in the retail package.

There are three test stages. With processor set at Auto, overclocked at 4GHz 1.30V and overclocked at 4.1GHz 1.45V. This processor is capable of 4.1GHz 1.41V but not all users are so lucky so we’ve decided to show results at maximum safe voltage.

Max load is what you can expect in stability tests like Prime95. Idle is nothing else than no additional load so only desktop and typical services in the background. I have to add that ambient temperature is quite high, about 28°C +/- 1°C during all tests. It, of course, affects our results.

As we can see, high-pressure fans from Noctua can handle our test rig without issues, even though are the only 120mm in this comparison. If you wonder why there are no standard 120mm fans in comparison then it’s because we had no two 120mm fans from popular series and we already know that Noctua is better. The whole point of this comparison is to check what we can count on moving from 140mm fans to 120mm Noctua fans with 140 to 120mm adaptor.

Our results are showing that Noctua solution is good not only on paper and actually smaller but well-designed fans are providing great performance. Both Noctua fans are spinning faster than competitive products, maybe except the Enermax. In the same time generated noise is at a similar level even though there is a 200-400RPM difference between some of the fans.

Below is a table with all the results.

Here are also photos of the test rig. Front of the case was removed so it won’t affect airflow.

No LED lighting but fans still look great. There are users who will look at the lighting but most will still pick higher performance and guaranteed long problem-free work.

I think I don’t have to recommend Noctua fans but I will still say that once again I’m glad I could test Noctua product. It’s hard to find any disadvantages and even if you don’t like the brown color of the NF-A12x25 then I don’t think it really matters looking at how much these fans have to offer.


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