Raijintek Triton 280 Green/Red/Blue AIO Liquid Cooler Review

Today we will be covering the Triton 280 Raijintek Triton 280 Green/Red/Blue AIO Liquid Cooler. We have seen the flood of AIO liquid coolers and the ease of use they have. The cooling capabilities are outstanding and take the grunt work out of DIY liquid setups. I am a fan of low maintenance solutions. We will be taking a look at Raijintek’s take on the AIO solution. The Triton comes in various sizes and today we have the 280 cooler in our hands. As you can see below mounting may be the biggest challenge so make sure you have the room before you go installing any cooler of a massive size. Well lets get to it already.


Triton 280

TRITON 280 series, Liquid Cooling System in All-In-One concept, is designed in Germany and made in Taiwan. With several years of experience in Liquid cooling products and the cooperation with German Engineers, RAIJINTEK’s R&D team developed the new standard of most performing DIY liquid cooling components and spent years to develop one of the best performing and expandable All-In-One Liquid CPU cooler for enthusiasts. TRITON’s copper water block is with a new concept design of micro channels, extra large contact fin area with 2 flow channels for the best direct flow of liquid. More than this, TRITON’s Pump is also new and exclusive, designed for high Q-Max, low dBA, contains a reliable Bearing type. Using this features plus the radiator with high density fins, equips this All-In-One OPEN LOOP with extreme performance and super silent ambitions.

TRITON series is not only one of the best performing All-In-One liquid cooler at the market but it is the most user friendly AIO cooler in the world by the pre-filled liquid, 3 different color for your scheme by your convenience, wide PWM performing of 14025 fan, a solid mounting kit, compatible with all modern sockets of Intel & AMD and an easy installation. TRITON series, already breaking the boundary line between DIY & All-In-One, brought to you for the joy of friendly design and the surprisingly efficient performance.

I would like to thank Raijintek for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:


Our task is to provide products – high compatibility, extreme engineering, remarkable performance, amazing design, necessity of demand and multifunctional usage – for high recommendation everywhere to make up your life.

With the aim of designing high-end products for Lifestyle , Computer and Day-to-Day usage, RAIJINTEK was established in 2013 to accomplishes the future of IT and Lifestyle products.


This task and aim lead us grow and toward a global brand. Not only highly recommended IT products but we also provide Gaming Gear such as Chassis, PSU’s and Lifestyle products for Smartphones and all your tablet PC’s. Fully dedicated to develop best Products for global users, RAIJINTEK’s R&D team never forget the aim to provide a friendly and performing product . Decades experience in industry, RAIJINTEK management would never give up service and product quality to value customers.

Alliances with strong partners and global suppliers, RAIJINTEK is able to achieve its aim – the future of IT and Lifestyle products for all valuable customers.


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