Scythe Ninja 4 Tower Cooler Review

Today we will present one of the best performing processor coolers on the market – Scythe Ninja 4. Fourth version of this really popular cooler brings additional improvements and any improvements are good reason for tests. After all we wish to know if product is really as good as manufacturer claims.

On the market full of cheaper water cooling solutions there is still a place for large air coolers. Scythe knows that and keeps releasing new versions of already successful products.

If you are looking for a best performing air cooling solution then this review should help you decide if Scythe Ninja 4 is the best cooler for you.


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Ninja 4

The Ninja 4 is the latest model in the Ninja CPU Cooler Series, developed for uncompromising performance. It features the new T-M.A.P.S technology, an optimized alignment of heatpipes, and the back-plate based Hyper Precision Mounting System (H.P.M.S) for firm mounting and easy installation procedure. These improvements and a special, adjustable Glide Stream 120mm PWM fan result in an increased cooling performance while reducing the weight compared to his predecessor. Also the design of the heat-sink allows fan mounting on all four sides. This enables the optimal integration of the Ninja 4 in the air flow of the pc-case and reduces turbulence and the emergence of hotspots.


Three-dimensional Multiple Airflow Pass-through Structure

By introducing our new T-M.A.P.S technology for the Ninja 4, we were able to increase the cooling capacity compared to previous models based on the older M.A.P.S lamellar structure. The clever arrangement of the cooling fins allows the usage of an additional pair of fins without suffering negative effects to weight or height of the heatsink and optimizes the cooling power in the lower speed range of the supplied fan.


Glide Stream 120 mm PWM Fan

The enclosed 120mm fan comes from the Glide- Stream PWM series. This new model offers the ability to adjust the maximum fan speed in 3 settings via a slide switch, allowing the user to choose between extremely silent operation or maximum cooling power.


Flexible Fan Mounting

Inspired by his predecessors, the Ninja 4 offers the option to install the fan on all four sides of the heatsink. This allows for very effective integration into air flow of the case. To further increase the performance, a second fan* can be installed by using the included additional pair of fan clips.


User-friendly Installation System

The proven HPMS (Hyper Precision Mounting System) mounting system is also to be found in Ninja 4 again . The mounting of the cooler is much easier. It requires fewer installation steps and time without compromising reliability

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